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NIT Bubble Team Heartbroken They Made It

March 16, 2010           
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EVANSTON, IL--The Northwestern Wildcats knew they were on the bubble to make the NIT tournament this year and hoped against hope that they would be snubbed. Unfortunately, the team had its hearts broken at the last minute when the selection committee announced their inclusion, prompting coach to Bill Carmody to call for the NIT to be reduced to 31 teams. “I’m in favor of reducing the number of teams from 32 to 31,” said a frustrated Carmody. “That way, teams like us that are on the bubble have a better chance of being excluded from this miserable death march. Now I have to look these kids in the face and tell them we have to go somewhere called Kingston, Rhode Island to play some other sad sack team in this shit tournament. This is when I hate being a coach.” Carmony later clarified his comments, saying they were taken out of context and he was actually elated to be in the tournament.


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