Deadspin Writer Not Sure How He Got Stuck Writing About eSports

July 8, 2017        
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NEW YORK--Writer Randy Moore, who joined the staff of the popular sports site Deadspin nine months ago, isn’t sure how he got stuck writing about eSports, a topic for which he had no prior knowledge or interest. “I was so excited when Deadspin contacted me nine months ago to say I had the job,” Moore said. “I was planning to write primarily about hoops since that’s my passion, and I told them as much during the interview process. But immediately they told me they needed help on something called eSports and asked me to 'fill in' on it. I’ve been stuck on it ever since. Its sucks because I pitched an amazing long-form piece on the basketball in the Philippines, but instead they asked me to cover the fucking Street Fighter II championship. You know that dumb game we used to play when we were kids? It’s a eSport now. And to think I told my family and friends I was going to be a sportswriter.” Next week, Moore is tasked with interviewing a 14-year old Korean boy who set a record for most kills in League of Legends or something.

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