Brian Kelly Assures Notre Dame Players He Will Never Leave Them

December 16 , 2009           
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SOUTH BEND, IN—New head coach Brian Kelly met with his Notre Dame players for the first time on Saturday, getting to know them and explaining what they can expect from him next season. In response to a question from one of his players, the new coach also assured his team that he would never, ever leave them for another school, no matter what. “Leave you? I can assure you I will never, ever, ever abandon this team for a better offer under any circumstances whatsoever,” Kelly said emphatically. “I will stick by this team through victory and defeat and will stay the course here for as long as it takes to win a championship. I believe in loyalty. I believe in integrity. And I believe in honesty. Incidentally, there's no way I could ever reveal to you if I really was thinking about leaving, so take this vow with a grain of salt."

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