INDIANAPOLIS--Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury has been the subject of rampant speculation over the past few months, with no clear indication from the team or Luck how severe it is or when he might return. A recent report in the Indianapolis Star, however, indicates Luck may have received some disturbing news about his injured shoulder: it’s getting better and he may be close to a return.

The Colts lost 46-9 to the Rams on Sunday.

“Andrew just got a clean bill of health from doctors who have been monitoring his shoulder injury,” a source close to the team told the newspaper. “He should be ready to return after another week or so. The news is devastating to Luck. He initially was told he could be out for the season and now he’s looking at the prospect of returning to the team and being their starting quarterback. My heart goes out to the guy. He worked so hard rehabbing, and to his horror, it worked.”

The Colts’ opening week debacle showed that their problems run a lot deeper than starting quarterback. They were outplayed in every facet of the game by a team that was picked by most to finish last in their division. Now Luck has to return to this shit pile.

“If I were him I would find some way to re-injure my shoulder,” the source said. “Nothing permanent, but just something that will keep him out the rest of the year. Then he can start the 2018 season with a clean slate. Come to think of it, probably the best way to injure himself is to start playing behind this offensive line again. He probably won't last a series.”

Currently, the Colts have Scott Tolzien as their starting quarterback, with newcomer Jacoby Brissett as the backup. Injuries, combined with a lack of depth at other key positions, have left them ill-equipped to compete week in and week out. Their only hope? Andrew Luck.

“Without Luck they’re basically screwed,” said one AFC personnel man. “With him they are still moderately screwed but at least with a quarterback who can score a few points and make the margin of defeat smaller. It’s just unfortunate for Luck that his career has been derailed by this injury healing. Such a nice guy, too. Your heart bleeds for him.”

Tolzien had a horrible game on Sunday, throwing only 128 yards with two interceptions. The backup-turned-starter praised his mentor and said he hopes he returns to the team soon.

“I love being the starter but this is Andrew’s team and everybody knows that,” Tolzien said. “I'm just keeping his seat warm until he comes back. The first game didn’t work out too well, but that’s already behind us. We’re on to…where’s our next game? At home against Arizona. Cool. Sorry, its only Tuesday. We usually don’t get informed of our next opponent until Thursday.”

Coach Chuck Pagano admitted he missed Luck but encouraged the quarterback to take his time.

“Nothing worse than rushing your return and then re-injuring yourself,” he said. “Andrew knows his body and knows when he’s ready to come back. If it’s next week, great. If it’s two weeks from now, that’s fine, too. If it’s next season I probably wont have a job. But it’s all good. In case you haven’t noticed from my demeanor on the sidelines or my game planning, I don’t really want one.”

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Andrew Luck Fears He May Be Close To Returning To Colts

September 13, 2017        
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