FOXBORO, MA--The New England Patriots suffered a surprising defeat last night at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs, losing 42-28 just hours after raising their fifth super bowl banner in front of a sold out crowd. The loss appears to have derailed the team's chances at an undefeated season, yet Patriots fans aren't giving up hope yet.

“Don’t give up on these guys yet,” said Pat Fergusen, 37, who attended the game last night. “They can still pull it off. Remember last year, in the Super Bowl? They were down 28-3 and everybody said it was over. But they came back and won it! So I’m not doubting Brady and Belichick. They’ll figure something out, or my name isn't....what's my name again? Sorry I'm about 28 beers deep, here.”

Another fan, Mario Alotta, 42, echoed those sentiments.

“Oh it’s a no brainer that they’re going undefeated,” Alotta said. “Honestly I believe they lost this game on purpose just to mess with everyone. You watch. They will win the rest of their games and then finish the season undefeated. How? Two words: Do. Your. Job.”

According to Football Outsiders’ Win Probability Index (WPI), the Patriots' current odds of going undefeated this season are 0.00 percent.  Statistically speaking, they have no chance of going undefeated largely due to the fact that they lost last night.

“The current projection models all point to the Patriots losing at least one game,” said Andrew Potter, analyst for FO's website. “This is based on the fact that they have played one game so far and lost it. We’ve crunched the numbers in every possible way and we simply see no path to 19-0 for the Patriots at this time. The absolute best they could do is…let’s see…multiple that and that...carry the two…18-1.”

But its not just die-hard Patriots fans who are staying on the undefeated bandwagon. Respected columnist Peter King of Sports Illustrated also believes the Patriots could pull off the impossible.

“I don’t get too much into analytics and projections and win probabilities and all that mumbo jumbo,” King wrote. “All I know is that with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick anything is possible. Sure, the odds are looking bad right now, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say when the 2017-2018 season is over, the Patriots will be holding the Lombardi trophy after completing the first ever 19-0 season.”

“Ah, hell, you know what?” King added. “I’m picking them to go 20-0. Just to rub it in the face of all the doubters.”  

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Patriots Fans Not Giving Up On Undefeated Season Yet

September 8, 2017        
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