Black Eyed Peas Announced As Super Bowl Halftime Ruiner

November 26 , 2010           
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ARLINGTON, TX--The Black Eyed Peas will be the featured halftime ruiner at the 2011 Super Bowl, the NFL announced on Thursday. The popular hip-hop group plans to shit out a two-minute medley of hits as well as a new song from their upcoming album, “The Beginning.” “We are very excited to have the Black Eyed Peas on board,” said Fox producer Bill Brown. “This is a band that really has it all: they’re fun, danceable, catchy, contemporary, and just edgy enough to appeal to the 18-25’s while not so edgy that they’ll whip out a tittie or something. Also, watching The Who or the Rolling Stones mash all their hits into a medley is kind of blasphemous, while watching Black Eyed Peas do it seems perfectly natural.”


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