Cam Newton Rips Ball Away From Child After Camera Turns Away

October 16, 2017        
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CHARLOTTE, NC--Following a touchdown on Thursday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton ran to the stands behind the end zone and, in full view of several TV cameras, graciously handed the ball to a young Panthers fan. “Here you go, son. That’s for you. God bless,” Newton said to the beaming young fan, who triumphantly held the ball over his head. Unfortunately, as soon as the cameras turned away, Newton jogged back to the spot and ripped the ball out of his hands. “I’ll take that,” Newton said as he swiped the ball away. “Sorry kid, show time is over, we’re back in the real world now. Jesus, this thing stinks. Have you washed your hands in the past century?” Newton then handed the ball to a Panthers trainer with instructions to “lather it in hand sanitizer,  dip it in gold, and mount it on the hood of my Bentley.”