WASHINGTON, DC--President Trump committed an embarrassing gaffe on Monday at the White House when he accidentally congratulated members of the Congressional Black Caucus for beating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals. The caucus members were at the White House for a second meeting with the President following their sit down on March 22.

Aides said that Mr. Trump was confused because the Warriors were scheduled to visit the White House and a bunch of black guys walked into his office.

“In President Trump’s defense, the Golden State Warriors had recently won the NBA championship and he was expecting a visit from them soon,” said assistant Omarosa Manigault, who arranged the meeting with the CBC. “Next thing you know, in walks this group of very successful and distinguished looking African-Americans.  There were lots of them, too, just like a basketball team. It didn’t help that they failed to alert him that they weren’t the NBA champs. No, instead they just stood there with their hands out like a bunch of morons.”

Manigault even went so far as to accuse the CBC of orchestrating the gaffe on purpose to humiliate the president.

“They knew the Warriors had just won the championship, and they knew they were all black, yet they walked into the Oval Office anyway without any prior announcement that they were not the Golden State Warriors,” said Manigault. “They had to know the President was going to be confused, and frankly, this is the kind of 'gotcha' politics that the far left have been engaging in for years. And if they weren’t trying to trick him into thinking they were a professional sports team, why exactly were they all wearing such nice suits? Exactly.”

Members of the CBC insist, however, that there was no effort on their part to trick the president and that they were simply responding to an invitation sent to them from his office. In fact, many claimed to be embarrassed for him, specifically Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN), who was repeatedly referred to as Steph Curry.

“Wow, that was surreal,” Carson said. “He walked right up to me, put his hand on my shoulder and went, ‘Look at this guy, huh? Steph Curry. This guy is amazing. He is amazing. He beat Lebron James, he beat the Cavaliers, he beat my friend Dan Gilbert. This guy, I tell ya, I like this guy.’ And so on. I just stood there smiling. I didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what to do. I kinda felt bad for him. At the very least I wish I had a jersey to present to him.”

Thinking this was the team's official White House visit, Trump then began speaking off the cuff about the NBA champs.

“Steph Curry, huh? Steph Curry. This season was a great season, wasn't it? Last season was a great season, too. Where’s Klay Thompson? I saw him a minute ago. Grab him. Is he here? Klay Thompson is a great basketball player. Bring Klay Thompson up here. Anybody think that guy’s a great basketball player? He’s a winner. And they beat my good buddy, Dan Gilbert. Dan owns the Cavaliers. I’d say that’s pretty successful, right? Is Dan here?”

“So right about this time, we all just want to crawl under the Oval Office desk and hide,” said CBC Chairman Rep Cedric Richmond (D-LA).  “He’s going on and on and nobody wants to say anything. And I’m shooting daggers at Omarosa, like ‘Are you going to DO something about this?’  Finally she came over and told the president there was a ‘situation’ with Canada, and pulled him out of there. So that was that. Funny thing is, this was by far the better of the two meetings we’ve had with him.”

The Golden State Warriors have been on the fence about visiting the White House since winning the championship in June, but the latest Trump faux pas has pushed many on the team over the edge.

“Yea I’m not going,” said forward Draymond Green. “I was on the fence, but forget about it now. I don’t know how you could be so blatantly racist and stupid as to mistake a group of black guys – and girls! – for a basketball team.  They don’t even look like us! We’re handsome athletic Adonises and they are crusty old congresspeople.”

“I guess we’ve all been guilty of it at times, though,” he added. “One time five or six white guys walked into our locker room and I mistook them for the New England Patriots wide receiving corps. The difference? I'm not the President of the United States! I'm a basketball player. I'm not supposed to have a brain in my head.”


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President Mistakenly Congratulates Congressional Black Caucus For Beating Cavaliers

July 7, 2017        
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