College Football Player To Have Teacher Take Concussion Test For Him

October 14, 2015        
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TALLAHASSEE, FL- Florida state cornerback Keyshawn Knight, who suffered a head injury during Saturday’s game against the Miami Hurricanes, plans to have one of his teachers take the concussion test for him. In previous years he has had teachers take tests for him in English, Algebra, African-American Studies, and Biology. “Oh yea I’m gonna have Mr. Lipton take my concussion test for me,” Knight told reporters on Tuesday. “It’s no big deal. We do this all the time. Whenever I have a test that I don’t think I can pass, I have someone else take it for me. I’m still seeing stars and feeling woozy so I can't take the test. Mr Lipton, however, can. His head’s in tip top shape. He even knows the answer to all those crazy questions they ask you, like what century it is.”

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