BRISTOL, CT--ESPN personality Jemele Hill, who recently raised controversy by calling President Trump a white supremacist on Twitter, has been on the receiving end of a number of poorly written death threats in recent days. The Sportscenter host admitted to being disturbed by the death threats, mostly because of the poor grammar and spelling attributed to adults educated in the American public school system.

“My God, these people are morons,” Hill said. “These are the worst death threats I’ve ever received. Look, this one just says ‘Hey darkie I’m gonna kill your whole family’. Except 'darkie' is spelled with a Y, 'your' has an apostrophe in it and 'whole' is spelled h-o-l-e. This is highly disconcerting. My ‘hole’ family? Our public education system must be in the fucking toilet.”

Hill has received several death threats through Twitter, where the 140 character limit, combined with the sender’s illiteracy, made some of them impossible to decipher.

“You call this a death threat? All I can make out is ‘die bitch’ and something about black lives matter. How can I be afraid if I can’t even make out the message? And hello! There are no D’s in matter!”

“I don’t mean to be racist,” Hill continued, “but white people are morons.”

Hill’s comments about President Trump have caused widespread condemnation, even from her own employer, ESPN, which issued an apology on her behalf. The apology has not been enough, as ESPN also continues to receive an influx of death threats and hate mail.

“We’ve gotten a ton of it and it shows no signs of slowing down,” said an ESPN spokesperson. “It’s amazing because what Trump’s followers love most about him is his political incorrectness, his willingness to lash out against anything and anyone with no regard for the repercussions – much of it through Twitter. So here you have a woman who hurls a bomb into the Twitter-sphere with no regards to politeness or PC-ness, and she’s getting hammered for it. For good reason, of course. Her opinions do not reflect ours. Thank you for watching ESPN.”

ESPN has also been criticized by those on the left for failing to support Hill, something the spokesperson called “unfair.”

“It is unfair for people to criticize us for not supporting Jemele through this,” he said. “We do support her, but we also want people to know her opinions do not reflect our own. See, we have no goddamn opinions except that money is good and we’d like to continue making it, whether its liberal tree-hugger money or toothless white supremacist money. No offense to any white supremacists out there who are able to read this.”

If widespread outrage and hate mail from the Trump supporters isn't enough, Hill and ESPN are also hearing it from the White House. President Trump tweeted his thoughts on the matter and his spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, demanded Hill be fired at a recent briefing.

“I think it’s an outrageous and a fireable offense,” Sanders told the gathered press. “President Trump has proven time and time again he’s not a white supremacist and for her to say that is just completely unacceptable. You know, if there’s one thing you can say about us conservatives, it's that we would never, ever mock or ridicule a sitting president. We have to much respect for the office.”

For her part, Hill is refusing to apologize or take back her controversial comments, although she admits that the whole incident has been a learning experience for her.

“Reading through all the death threats and hate mail, I am almost starting to sympathize with Trump supporters,” she said. “Most of them are probably not white supremacists in the strictest sense of the word, they’re just white people who are disenfranchised and feel they’ve been left behind by the system. And judging from their spelling and grammar skills, they have. Jesus, we’re the richest country in the world and half the population can’t even spell the word 'bitch'.”

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Jemele Hill Flooded With Poorly Written Death Threats

September 16, 2017        
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