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Chris Kaman Says European Whites Are Imposters

March 11 , 2010           
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LOS ANGELES--Clippers center Chris Kaman, lamenting the lack of Caucasian players in the NBA, called European whites “imposters,” sparking a flurry of controversy among NBA fans and observers. “People see white faces out there and the perception is they’re Caucasian-American,” Kaman said. “But they’re not. They’re imposters. People walk up to me and say, ‘Dirk Nowitzki – is he a white player?’ Come on, he’s not white. He’s European. That doesn’t even count. There aren’t any real white guys in the NBA and the league is trying to pass off these Euro-dorks as whites. Even Steve Nash isn’t American. He’s from Canada. Did you know that Canada isn’t even technically part of the United States? Yea, they won’t tell you that on ESPN.” Kaman later clarified his remarks saying “imposter” was a poor choice of words and he should have said “carpet baggers” instead.

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