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NFL Considers Expanding Super Bowl To 64 Teams

March 10, 2010           
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NEW YORK--According to a report on ESPN.com, the NFL is currently in talks to expand the Super Bowl to 64 teams, mimicking the NCAA’s March Madness basketball tournament. League spokesman Greg Aiello called the talks “exploratory.” “These talks are exploratory in nature,” Aiello said. “Nothing is concrete yet and even if we do decide to do something, it would take a long time to implement. So were not talking about something that’s imminent. That being said, its in intriguing idea. Expanding the Super Bowl to 64 teams would allow all those great teams who usually don’t make the Super Bowl to make it, and then some. It would be more fun to the fans and I think better for the sport as a whole.” Some owners are said to favor expanding the field to 96 teams, but Aiello called that figure “excessive.”


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