Last updated: September 24, 2017
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Native Americans Change Tune On Cleveland Indians After 19-Game Winning Streak

0-2 Bengals Admit They're Still Reeling From Death of Steely Dan's Walter Becker

College Football Player Made To Do Extra Lap After Sexual Assault Charge

2018 Nets First Rounder Takes Out Full Page Thank You Ad In Boston Globe

Radar Ranked Number One Thing NFL Teams Like To Fly Under

Vegas Golden Knights Take Home Newest Hockey Team ESPY

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Who did John McEnroe defeat in the final to win his first Wimbledon singles title? Bjorn Borg


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Jets Take Solace In Fact That Someday We’ll All Be Dead

Cam Newton Leading NFL In Unintentional Groundings

8-Year Relationship Destroyed By Red Zone Channel

Talk Show Caller Concerned About Chris Sale's Release Point


Jemele Hill Flooded With Poorly Written Death Threats
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Patriots Fans Not Giving Up On Undefeated Season Yet
FOXBORO, MA--The New England Patriots suffered a surprising defeat last night at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs, losing 42-28 just hours after raising their fifth super bowl banner in front of a sold out crowd.
Andrew Luck Fears He May Be Close To Returning To Colts
INDIANAPOLIS--Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury has been the subject of rampant speculation over the past few months, with no clear indication from the team or Luck how severe it is or when he might return.

2017 NFL Preseason Power Rankings
The NFL season is almost here, which means it's time for the Brushback's preseason NFL power rankings. We've taken the liberty of projecting each team's win-loss record using our new in-house proprietary algorithm* which has already correctly predicted each team's preseason records with 100 percent accuracy.

Pissed Off Isaiah Thomas Spoils Game of Thrones Ending For Danny Ainge
BOSTON--Former Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas, infuriated about his recent trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers, got the ultimate revenge on team president Danny Ainge on Tuesday when he sent Ainge an email spoiling the finale of Game of Thrones.

Varsity Football Players Brainstorming New Things To Shove Up Freshmen's Asses This Year
SPRINGFIELD, PA--It’s football season again at James Madison High School in Springfield, Pennsylvania and players are preparing by studying the playbook, getting in shape, and brainstorming different things to shove up freshmen’s asses during the annual hazing ritual.

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